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All sizes available now!
TS0615 for 6" timbers $CAD 129

TS0820 for 8" timbers $CAD 139
TS1025 for 10" timbers $CAD 149
Download Timber Square Documentation below:

Designed by and manufactured for GTF, this timber square ensures fast and accurate layout and sizing of mortises and tenons and many other aspects of post and beam joinery using a single tool.  This means snug joints that fit the first time!  The tool is optimized for full dimension and nominal dimension timbers.

Key features:

-Comes in 3 sizes: for 6", 8" and 10" timbers

-Marked for common mortise lengths/tenon widths

-Tenon ruler allows tenon cuts to be made outside layout lines

-Mortise ruler allows mortise cuts to be made inside layout lines

-Tenon slot checks tenon width and thickness

-Mortise leg checks width and depth of mortise

-Marks most other P&B joinery without a tape or framing square

-Center-based ruler eliminates common arithmetic errors

-Includes peg layouts

CNC machined from 4mm, anodized aluminum alloy.  All markings laser-etched on both sides.

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